Dreams and Visions • A Modern Christian Rock Band


Dreams and Visions is a 4-piece, modern Christian rock band from Tennessee, U.S.A. Straightforward lyrics, big guitars and swirling keyboards describes their sound; Bible based Christian themes describes their message. 

The brainchild of veteran songwriter and lead singer Greg Sostrom, Dreams and Visions has released several singles since 2018, including: For God So Loved, Excellent, Love One Another, and Fear Not.  Their latest offering is titled Keep Looking Up, released in October of 2020. 

Lyrically, Keep Looking Up begins with, “A bright tomorrow, with no more sorrow…”, and leads to the chorus, “the King is coming, the King is near.” This song is a positive reminder of the Biblical promise of Christ’s return, and the perfect reign that He will have on earth one day. 

Musically, Keep Looking Up is pushed along by driving drums, arpeggio keyboards, and wall-to-wall guitars that quickly fill the room.  Keep Looking Up, and all Dreams and Visions releases are available on iTunes, Amazon Music, and wherever you listen to music online.